AMD to establish state-of-the-art research and design facility in Monroe County

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced that AMD, a California-based designer of high-performance semiconductors, has chosen to grow its next generation technology business in New York State. The company has established state-of-the-art research and design facilities in spaces at the Linden Oaks Office Park in Monroe County, and at the Westgate Business Park in the Village of Fishkill in Dutchess County. AMD has additionally committed to creating up to 165 new jobs by 2025 as a result of the project. The new facilities will focus on the design and validation of mixed-signal integrated circuits and packaging for processors that are used in cloud computing, data centers, gaming, and PCs. Both locations are now fully operational.

“It is through incredible projects like this that we are further demonstrating New York’s continued commitment to fostering the growth of innovative semiconductor businesses,” Governor Hochul said. “I am incredibly proud to support AMD’s forward-thinking investments in Monroe and Dutchess Counties that are moving our communities forward and further cementing New York’s reputation as the national hub for high-technology research, development, design and manufacturing.”

Founded in 1969, AMD drives innovation in high-performance and adaptive computing technologies that help to enable the future and push the boundaries of what is possible. AMD processors are at the heart of devices and services across a broad set of markets including cloud computing, enterprise, communications, healthcare, aerospace, automotive, PCs, gaming and more.

Empire State Development is assisting AMD with the project by providing up to $5 million in performance-based Excelsior Tax Credits in exchange for the statewide job creation commitments. Starting with an initial investment of $3.3 million, the company expects to continue to further finance operations at both locations over the next several years. Greater Rochester Enterprise also offered critical assistance for this project.

Growing the semiconductor industry in New York State is a top priority of Governor Hochul. In January, as a key component of her State of the State address, she announced the creation of GO SEMI: the Governor’s Office of Semiconductor Expansion, Management, and Integration. GO SEMI, led by Empire State Development, will be supported by experts from numerous state agencies and will work in coordination with our federal and local partners and oversee investments in the semiconductor industry, and will shape and implement a broader, national model for maximizing industry and community returns on such public/private partnerships.

Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Hope Knight said, “New York State is home to some of the most talent-rich tech companies in the semiconductor industry. By supporting AMD and other businesses committed to growing next-generation technologies, we are bolstering the economy, creating good-paying jobs and fueling transformative opportunities throughout the state.”

AMD Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Mark Papermaster said, “AMD employees in Monroe and Dutchess County are focused on research and design efforts to develop next generation high-performance processors. We are excited to expand our presence in the region, which is renowned for its top research universities and engineering talent, and to continue advancing leading-edge semiconductor innovation in the U.S.”

State Senator Robert Rolison said, “AMD’s decision to invest additional resources in the Hudson Valley and grow high-tech jobs here is a testament to our region’s educated workforce and strong investment climate. I applaud Governor Hochul for helping to lead the way on this issue and I proudly join a bipartisan group of legislators and other elected officials in welcoming additional elements of the highly competitive and globally significant semiconductor industry to our great state.”

Assemblymember Jen Lunsord said, “The Finger Lakes is well on its way to cementing itself as a world-renowned hub of semiconductor technology. AMD’s decision to expand its footprint here in Linden Oaks is a testament to the quality of our talent pool, our regional, strategic partnerships and the commitment of our state to bring these jobs to our community.”

Assemblymember Harry Bronson said, “As Chair of the Assembly’s Committee on Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry, I am thrilled to see an increase in high-tech and advanced manufacturing opportunities in my region. As we strive to meet our green jobs initiatives, and increase equity and opportunity in our job markets, workforce development is a top priority. AMD and other semiconductor industries represent the future of workforce by providing innovative and diverse opportunities for many different skillsets.”

Assemblymember Anil Beephan, Jr. said, “Congratulations to AMD and the Fishkill community for being chosen as one of the locations for AMD’s state-of-the-art research and design facilities. This investment by AMD not only brings cutting-edge technology to our district but also promises the creation of new jobs. The establishment of these world-class centers in our district is a testament to the potential and opportunities that exist within our community. Together, we will revitalize and grow our local economy, positioning the Hudson Valley as a hub for innovation and advancement. Let’s embrace this exciting development and continue working towards a prosperous future.”

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said, “Monroe County continues to be a hub for the growing high-tech and semi-conductor industry in New York State. We welcome AMD and know the company will thrive here with our skilled workforce and our business supporting infrastructure. Our focus on workforce development is helping to grow more high paying jobs and bolster our local economy.”

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO and Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council Co-Chair Bob Duffy said, “AMD’s decision to establish world-class mixed signal IC and packaging design centers in New York is a testament to our state’s thriving high-technology ecosystem. We are especially proud to support AMD’s investment in Monroe County, as it further solidifies the Greater Rochester region’s reputation as a national hub for research, development, design, and manufacturing in the high-tech industry. We thank Governor Kathy Hochul for her support, and are excited to work alongside AMD to support their expansion and foster the continued success of the semiconductor industry in our region.”

Greater Rochester Enterprise President and CEO Matt Hurlbutt said, “The Greater Rochester, NY region has a highly skilled engineering workforce perfectly aligned to support AMD’s growth in the semiconductor industry.  Our university partners are aligning curriculum to meet the needs of AMD’s current and future workforce. We look forward to continuing to support AMD leaders as they establish their engineering hub and design center in Rochester.” For additional information about AMD, visit: